Orlando nightclub shooting leaves two dead, 10 injured


Orlando Police say two people are dead and 10 injured after a shooting at Glitz Ultra Lounge on Universal Boulevard early Sunday morning. 

Off-duty OPD officers working at the club radioed in that shots were fired inside the building at 1 a.m., according to Orlando Police spokesperson Michelle Guido. At the time 300 people were gathered inside the club where detectives believe three people started firing guns. The officers did not fire their guns. 

One person was killed inside Glitz, and nine people were taken to Orlando Regional Medical Center, where another person died. Guido says two people police know of were seen at a hospital with injuries. 

"In addition to the extra duty officers, the club has its own security personnel and an extensive security system inside the club," she says. "Detectives are reviewing security video from inside the club and were processing the crime scene most of the day Sunday."