Google Street View cameras spotted at Disney's Magic Kingdom


  • Photo via WDWShutterbug/Twitter
Google Street View has been a popular way to view places virtually since it was first launched in 2007. Since then, Google has been offering more and more places where you can explore, including inside shopping malls, underwater and even the Mount Everest base camps. 

A guest with a Google Street View backpack was spotted with a team of Cast Members walking around the Magic Kingdom earlier this month. Numerous social media reports mentioned that the Google Street View backpack was spotted in the riverfront area (mostly Frontierland) of Magic Kingdom and on a boat going to Tom Sawyer Island.

Disney and Google have yet to officially mention any collaboration on bringing Street View into their parks. Disneyland Paris resort is currently the only Disney resort in the world to feature Street View. Both Disneyland Paris and the neighboring Walt Disney Studios Park feature Street View; though it’s extremely limited in both parks.

While we still have no in-park Street View at Walt Disney World, the vast majority of local theme parks and attractions are featured. All of the local SeaWorld parks including Discovery Cove, Busch Gardens, Adventure Island and Aquatica have in-park Street View. Universal Orlando has all of its parks including Wet ‘n Wild on Street View, as well. Tampa’s Lowry Park Zoo and even Kissimmee’s Old Town are featured on the maps.

Currently, Disney is the only major U.S. theme park operator with no presence on Google Street View.

Along with all of the local Disney parks, Street View has yet to document in-park views from Fun Spot, Gatorland and the Central Florida Zoo. No word on if the Street View backpack will be visiting any other local park besides the Magic Kingdom anytime soon, or when the Magic Kingdom photos will be added to Google Street View.