You can now buy a Golden Snitch engagement ring for the witch or wizard of your dreams


In Quidditch, and in relationships, when a Seeker finally catches a Golden Snitch, the game is over. So, when that magical moment happens and you finally meet a wizard that puts the magic in your wand, be sure to have an appropriate engagement ring. 

For only $150, you can now put a winged-sterling silver Golden Snitch ring on your wizardly loved one. Designed to look like the flying ball used in Harry Potter's fictional game of Quidditch, the ring comes with a few optional upgrades, like a 14k gold dip or 20 character custom engraving (both for an upcharge, of course). 

In case you thought diamonds are cheap, that rock in the middle is a cubic zirconia. 

If you're a wizard that's finally ready to settle down, you can check out more info here.