Florida drivers can't seem to stop running over panthers


  • Photo via Huffington Post
2016 is already on track to be another terrible year for panthers. 

A deceased male Florida panther was discovered last Friday, March 25, after the animal was hit by a car, says the Sun Sentinel. The panther was between 14 and 16 months old.

The remains will be transported to Gainesville for a necropsy.

This is the third Florida panther to be hit and killed in the county, says the News-Press, adding that a total of nine have fallen victim to car accidents this year while another two have died from unknown causes.

The Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission estimates that there are between 100 and 180 of the endangered species currently in existence.

The species hasn't had the best of luck with cars in recent years. Drivers made headlines in 2015 when the body count for vehicle-caused Florida panther deaths rose to a whopping record 26. 2014 wasn't kind to them either; 10 percent of the population officially became roadkill in a matter of only seven months.