Hijokaidan performance footage to further muddy April Fools' Day online waters


  • Image via MultipleTap/Facebook
Think of this as less an accidental April Fools' post (honey, come look at this! is this real? is this performance art? is this viral like cats playing keyboards? is this music?) and more of a public service announcement.

Below is footage of the rejuvenated Hijokaidan playing three days ago at Beerland in Austin, Texas. Make your own judgements about whether this is your cup of tea or not, but if you are at all into the notion of "rock" music being the realm of outsiders and weirdos, you should invest in a new set of heavy-duty earplugs and attend. It's going to get wild.

Hikokaidan is part of the MultipleTap tour that is hitting Will's Pub tonight at 8 p.m. Show is $15.