Name new Benihana dish, get a lot of Benihana for free


  • Image courtesy of Flickr Creative Commons
There are two kinds of people in this world: those who love hibachi restaurants and those who don't. If you live for the shrimp-in-the-hat, the egg roll and the onion volcano, listen up: Benihana is launching a new menu item and wants you to name it. Or, at least, wants you to submit your ideas for the chance to name it. 

The "new" menu item is actually an upgrade that many diners already order — the addition of filet mignon to the Rocky's Choice hibachi dinner, which already features chicken breast and all the trimmings (moar white sauce, plz). 

You can submit your name proposal via Twitter, Facebook or Instagram using the hashtag #cravethename or by visiting through April 30. 

What's at stake, you ask? How about $1,200 in Benihana gift cards for one year. That's about 50 chicken-and-steak combos, which, no matter what hibachi love/hate camp you fall into, that's pretty awesome. 

We'll be submitting our name, Steaky McSteakface, in the grand internet crowd-naming tradition made famous most recently by Boaty McBoatface.