Video captures insanely dangerous Florida road rage battle between a car and a motorcycle


  • Screengrab via YouTube
A video recently posted to YouTube shows a Florida motorcyclist repeatedly getting chased down and nearly run off the road.

According to WSVN, the motorcyclist, 23-year-old Roni Gonzalez, was on his way to work in Homestead, Florida, when he illegally filtered his way to the front of a light at an intersection. Apparently, this angered the driver in the Ford Fusion, and for the next few minutes Gonzalez attempted to outrun the driver by riding against oncoming traffic and hitting speeds of over 100 mph. 

Both drivers were acting like complete idiots. Gonzalez, who recently deleted a YouTube video called "'messing with cars," told WVSN that he hit the Ford Fusion driver's side mirror. The driver, besides trying to murder a man with his car, can also be seen spitting and attempting to hit Gonzalez.  

Gonzalez eventually outran the Ford Fusion, but when he attempted to file a police report with the Homestead Police Department, he was told that road rage incidents are just too common of a problem for them to be concerned about, says WSVN.