Sonic plans to sell square milkshakes ... because Instagram


  • photo via Sonic
More proof that Instagram is the only thing that matters in life: burger chain Sonic will sell square milkshakes at Coachella, designed for and only orderable on Instagram.

The milkshakes come in six amazing-sounding flavors – vanilla bean, buttered toffee, dark chocolate, bourbon brown sugar, dulce de leche, and wild berry and lavender – and will be served in clear glass jars. Square ones. Because Instagram rules everything around us.

If a shake falls on your table in the forest and no one is around to Instagram it, does it even exist?

Sonic claims this is the first instance of using Instagram to order food (though I think anyone who partook of the Great Phrosties Craze of 2014 would disagree). They also say that if it works well at Coachella, they may expand the Instagram purchase/delivery process to other (real life) markets.

See 'em in action: