Pompano Beach resident determined to float across the ocean in a bubble


  • Photo via Run With Reza/Facebook
A resident of Pompano Beach is determined to float across the sea to Bermuda in his homemade "hydro pod" bubble next week.

Reza Baluchi started his adventure on Wednesday, but the wind pushed him back to shore, according to the Sun Sentinel

On Thursday, Baluchi told the Sun Sentinel that he is going to wait three days to venture out again. His goal is to float 3,500 miles, which he expects would take between 21 and 45 days.

He has been preparing for this trip for the past couple of years, the Sun Sentinel reported. Baluchi says he's doing this to raise money for PlantUnity, a nonprofit organization that supports educational opportunities for children.

This wasn't the first time floating in a 130-degree bubble seemed like a good idea to Baluchi. 

In 2014, he initially tried to make it to Bermuda in his bubble, but was rescued 70 miles off the coast of Florida by the U.S. Coast Guard.

This time, Baluchi has posted a sign on his bubble that reads, "Don't burst my bubble please." 

He told the Sun Sentinel he does not need to be rescued because he has his own GPS tracking device. He said, "I'm Captain Bubble."