Tourists capture rare footage of great white shark off Florida Keys


Last weekend, a boat filled with snorkeling tourists captured video of a massive great white shark off the coast of the Florida Keys, a sighting that's considered pretty rare. 

The 10-12 foot super predator was spotted in Alligator Reef, near Islamorada on Saturday afternoon, April 16, reports the Miami Herald

This sight is considered a somewhat rare occurrence, considering great white sharks are typically found in temperate, cooler waters, according to the Florida Museum of Natural History. However, larger great whites have been known to venture into tropical waters. 

From the YouTube post: 

When Capt Chris Muller and First Mate Greg Schlosser took a group of foreign exchange students out to Alligator Reef in the Florida Keys for a snorkeling excursion, they were hoping for sea turtles, sting rays and other sorts of tropical reef fish, but they were not expecting this.... A 10-12 ' Great White shark!

That guy who jumps in at the end of the video was Capt. Chris Muller. Apparently, he wanted to verify that it was indeed a great white. "Sure enough, there it was. He was big," said Muller to the Herald.