Fire-breathing mermaid's face catches fire during St. Augustine show



A Florida mermaid performer's fire-breathing trick backfired after her face caught on fire during a show at Wolf's Museum of Mystery in St. Augustine.

Local 10 News reports Trina Mason, 24, was dressed in her mermaid costume and halfway into a water tank when she attempted the fire trick. A video shows that after she exhaled combustible fluid toward a flaming torch, her face became engulfed in flames and she jumped into the water tank to extinguish the fire. The video, which was posted to Wolf's Museum of Mystery Facebook page, adds that although the incident looks bad, Mason is doing just fine. 

In a Facebook post, Mason says she was out of lamp fuel and used campfire fuel for the show, which may have caused the trick to backfire. 

"No I'm not quitting [and] yes I learned a valuable lesson," she says. "When your face catches on fire you literally see nothing but flames."