UCF sent out an alert that there's a possible gunman at campus library [UPDATED]


  • Photo via Knight News Twitter
UCF sent out an alert Tuesday afternoon about a possible gunman inside the university's campus library. 

The alert specifies that a "possible middle eastern gun man/woman" was in the UCF main campus library and warns that students should avoid the area.

According to the student news organization Knight News, UCFPD were seen walking into the library carrying assault rifles and the building was being surrounded.

UCFPD tweeted that the department is responding to the incident. 

Knight News also tweeted that all students have been instructed to exit the library. 

UPDATE: UCFPD tweeted that they received a social media report of a gunwoman on campus and that the library has been evacuated.

UPDATE: UCF sent out alert reading "social media posts lead to library lockdown. It remains in effect. Other operations normal."

UPDATE: The Central Florida Future, an independent student-run newspaper, tweeted that UCFPD have confirmed the suspect is a woman and that no gunshots or injuries have been reported.

UPDATE: It is being speculated that this is the social media post from Facebook that tipped off UCFPD about the suspect.

UPDATE: UCF Alert: "Library cleared, no threat found. Call 911 to report suspicious activity. Campus operations normal."

UPDATE: UCF student says that suspected gunwoman was actually a Muslim woman who prays in the library daily.

UPDATE: After UCF alert saying that library was clear, a loud bang was heard from the crowd. UCFPD say it was an "accidental discharge," according to Knight News. 

UPDATE: UCF PIO Courtney Gilmartin says UCFPD will be looking into the incident over the next few days, but no one has been taken into custody.

This is a developing story. Check back for updates.