4 Rivers Smokehouse will deliver to downtown locations starting Wednesday


  • Photo via brickroadcourier/Instagram
If you don't live or work downtown, maybe just don't read this 'cuz you might get jealous.*

OK, for those of us who spend significant amounts of time in the CBD: Starting tomorrow (Wednesday, May 11) 4 Rivers Smokehouse‚Äôs downtown location teams up with the awesome Brick Road Couriers to deliver BBQ to your door for a $5 fee. The eco-friendly delivery service will be offered from 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Monday through Friday within a 3-mile radius of City Hall. 

So, no more standing in line for brisket tacos on Taco Tuesday; or if Friday is cheat day, don't expend a single calorie procuring your Six Shooter Stacker (worth it). Call 407-270-6400 to order; operators are standing by.

*Yes, 4 Rivers' UCF location also delivers (through Doorstep Delivery), but that doesn't do us 32801-ers any good.