Tech-house legend Green Velvet celebrates the second anniversary of Deep Therapy at Tier


Techno alien Green Velvet is the star-crossed musical and visual persona that sprang from the mind of Curtis Jones, a Chicago techno and house producer, in 1993. From the start, Green Velvet was on a whole other level than Jones' myriad other projects. Sporting a neon green mohawk and cyberpunk shades, Green Velvet cut a glammy, fantastical figure amongst his more anonymous techno brethren, with more than a hint of Bowie and Numan. And his music is as immediate as it was unique, built around undeniable webs of beats and bizarre, quirky vocal samples, as heard on early hits like "Answering Machine" and "Preacher Man." One of his more recent releases is an intriguing collaboration with Detroit techno godfather Carl Craig. The globe-crossing Green Velvet has maintained his creativity and mystique to the present day and will play the second anniversary of the Deep Therapy night as his sole Florida engagement.

with Atnarko, Carlos Mendoza | 10 p.m. Thursday, May 12 | Tier Nightclub, 20 E. Central Blvd. | 407-222-9732 | | $20