Anonymous says they're now targeting Rick Scott in new video



The hacktivist group "Anonymous" has declared war on Florida Gov. Rick Scott via a video message accusing Scott of, among other things, destroying ocean wildlife by "allowing the polluted waters from Lake Okeechobee to be directly passed into the Gulf of Mexico and Atlantic Ocean." 

The video, posted on Facebook this past weekend, says Scott is "lining his pockets" with support from Big Sugar.

“As the rainy season is fast approaching, we direct the polluted waters be redirected into the state Capitol’s front doors and remove Rick Scott as the governor," the Anonymous narrator in a Guy Fawkes mask says. "The residents of Florida and citizens of the world will no longer be the subject of his greed and weakness for his self worth.”

Seems like Anonymous should talk to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers, the group in charge of freshwater releases from Lake Okeechobee.  

The group also posted a second video on Facebook accusing Scott of covering up a "fraud" by 20th Judicial Circuit Mark Steinbeck for continuing to be a judge despite handing in a resignation in 2014. The Miami New Times reports Steinbeck did resign his circuit judge position and remains as a senior judge, which doesn't appear to be a crime. 

The Tampa Bay Times reports the Florida Department of Law Enforcement was made aware of the video, and they "have not seen evidence of a threat related to the video."