Freedy Johnston to kick off the Living Room series at Hard Rock Cafe


  • Image via artist Facebook
Freedy Johnston will be the first artist featured in the Hard Rock Cafe's "Living Room Series" next Thursday, June 9.

The series of shows aims for a more intimate atmosphere than is generally the case at Hard Rock's events, stripping away most of the trappings of a rock show, and putting the artist front and center. As in, right in front of you. It's a surreal take on the house show, when it's put on by a big money venue.

The concerts will take place in the Lennon Room - a recreation of the living room of John Lennon and Yoko Ono's Manhattan apartment, down to some of the original furniture and a smattering of memorabilia - and is definitely planned with just die-hard fans in mind. 

Singer/songwriter (and dog enthusiast?) Johnson, best known for his mid '90s alt-folk hit "Bad Reputation," has in the intervening years cultivated a reputation as a "songwriter's songwriter," releasing a steady flow of biting, incisive albums.

Tickets for the show can be purchased here. No other artists have been announced yet in conjunction with the Living Room Series.