UCF grad stumbles across yet another monster gator on a golf course this week


Lately, it seems like massive, dinosaur-sized alligators prefer golf courses over swamps.  

Last week, a monster gator took a leisurely stroll through a Florida golf course, and now a video has surfaced of yet another golf-loving gator. 

Austin Swanger, a Savannah, Georgia resident and communications major from UCF, posted the above video to his Facebook page on May 31. 

The gator was spotted at The Club at Savannah Harbor

"Since everyone seems to be fascinated with the big gator in Florida that has gone viral, I present to you our big boy here in Savannah!" said Swanger in his post. 

April of this year, the largest alligator ever captured in Florida was recorded near Okeechobee and came in at 15 feet long and 780 pounds.