City asks community to "hold off on vigils," citing strain on public safety resources


  • photo by Monivette Cordeiro
The City of Orlando has asked community members, although we are all grieving, not to gather in any kind of large-scale vigil, especially in any way that would require police protection. Central Florida's police officers, EMTs, medical professionals, firefighters and other first responders and emergency personnel have been stressed beyond belief in the past 48 hours, and they need some rest.

If you would like to leave a memorial item (flowers, photos, signs, stuffed animals), the City requests you leave them on the Seneff Arts Plaza, the green space in front of the Dr. Phillips Center for the Performing Arts (445 S. Magnolia Blvd., across from City Hall).

Commissioner Patty Sheehan said to Brian Williams tonight on MSNBC, "Please don't pull necessary resources away from the investigation. This is a very big crime scene," adding, "Some of these officers have been on duty for 24 hours."

"Our hearts are broken," she continued. "This is just a very, very sad day for the gay community. … It's going to be a while before we can even think about having a public event."