UPDATED: Pulse nightclub shooting officially the deadliest mass shooting in American history


With at least 50 people confirmed dead, Saturday night's mass shooting at Pulse is officially the deadliest mass shooting in American history. The previous worst shooting was the 2007 Virginia Tech massacre, which left 32 people dead and 17 injured, followed by the Sandy Hook massacre of 2012, in which 20 children and six adults lost their lives.

The father of Omar Mateen, the Pulse nightclub shooter, released a statement to MSNBC earlier today saying that the incident had nothing to do with religion, but that his son got very angry upon witnessing two men kiss each other in downtown Miami recently.

UPDATED 5:05 p.m.: The death toll has risen to 59, according to Fox 35's Bob Frier.
UPDATED 5:24 p.m.: Orlando Police have issued a correction to Frier's tweet, stating that the death toll remains at 50.