Urgent need for Spanish speakers to assist on help lines


  • Photo by Monivette Cordeiro
The Pulse nightclub shootings have disproportionately affected Orlando's Latino community, and there is an urgent need for bilingual volunteers to assist on counseling help lines and in speaking to victims' friends and families.

City officials have asked anyone who can help with translation services to call 407-428-5870 or email info@hispanicchamber.net to volunteer. 

Diana Bolivar, president of the Hispanic Chamber of Commerce Metro Orlando, told NBC Latino today that she met with leaders from the LGBT Chamber of Commerce Metropolitan Business Association, the Hope and Health Center, and both Latino and Hispanic community leaders to plan ways to help the City of Orlando find volunteers:

"One of the needs the city has asked for us to help fulfill are certified translators who speak English and Spanish, and can also assist in crisis" Bolivar said. "We have a number of people who may not be equipped to properly assist, so we are asking for professional translators for families in need."

Bolivar said the professionals will not only help families directly impacted by the shooting, but also for people looking to have a conversation with their children about the violence. Bolivar asked people to send tips to info@HispanicChamber.net, and her organization will organize and pass the information to the City of Orlando.