Florida Gov. Rick Scott: 'This was a clear attack on the gay, Hispanic community'


  • Photo via ABC
Florida Gov. Rick Scott said in a press conference Wednesday afternoon that the mass shooting at the Orlando gay nightclub Pulse, was a "clear attack on the gay and Hispanic community."  

Wednesday's statement is a welcoming shift in focus for Gov. Rick Scott, who took over 48 hours to mention that the gay community was even involved in Sunday's massacre.

Scott has spent the last few days stating how we need to be "tough on ISIS," and has emphasized that “This is clearly an act of terror that happened in Orlando." 

FBI investigator Ron Hopper, who was also on hand, echoed the Governor's statement saying, "I would call it a hate crime, I would call it terrorism. It's both." 

US Attorney Lee Bentley pointed out that there have been threats to the Muslim community, which have detracted resources from the Pulse investigation.

"Making threats to the muslim community is illegal, stop it," said Bentley.

The US Attorney also went on to say that there's no timeline for this investigation, "It could be days, weeks, years."