St. Pete's Set and Setting bring powerfully calibrated post-rock to the Space Station


Ever wish that epic bands like Explosions in the Sky and Mono would stop fucking around with the exploratory foreplay and just get to big climaxes already? Boy, do we have a band for you, and they're from Florida. St. Pete's Set and Setting are one of the most powerfully calibrated post-rock bands in the game right now. Besides the aforementioned focus, their music is perfectly pitched between widescreen beauty and real tonnage, evoking sky-scraping gorgeousness with a monolithic crush. Making the bill even more of an event is the added heaviness of New Jersey's Hivelords, whose dark and forward sound forges progressive black metal with doom currents into an atmospheric fury. It's a concentration of talent usually seen at prime scene-mover venues, only this time it converges at the Space Station, one of the most notable of the city's legit DIY spaces. What that means is a cheaper, deeper and more up-close experience.

with Hivelords, Freakazoid, Letters to Part | 7 p.m. Tuesday, June 21 | The Space Station, 2539 Coolidge Ave. | | $5 suggested donation