Florida beaches close for swimming because of poop water


  • Photo via shinyrose/Instagram
Florida beaches are known for their beauty, but this holiday weekend some beach-goers will have to stay out of the water because of poo. 

A few Florida Panhandle beaches have no-swim advisories because of fecal indicator bacteria.

According to Florida Health, the following Florida Panhandle beaches are currently closed for swimming and have a health advisory due to a potentially harmful bacteria: Okaloosa, Walton, Blue Mountain Beach, Clement E. Taylor park, County Park (Miramar) Beach, East Pass, Garniers Park, Henderson Beach, Poquito Park and Rocky Bayou State Park. 

The no-swim advisors are because of enterococci, an enteric bacteria, which normally is found in the intestinal tract of humans and animals. This type of bacteria may be caused by pets, wildlife, human sewage and fecal pollution which may come from stormwater runoff and the significant amount of rainfall recently, says Florida Health.

If you're thinking about taking a chance in these waters, swimming with the fecal bacteria could cause disease, infection or rashes.