Orlando-based Subrosa BMX company unveils line of Slayer bikes


  • Photo via Subrosa Facebook
File under "love of metal makes for strange bedfellows." Longwood-based BMX company Subrosa has entered into an exclusive partnership with thrash metal icons Slayer to collaborate on a series of Slayer-inspired BMX designs. And the results are absolutely stunning.

The "Cradle to Grave Collection" comprises four Slayer brand bicycles and is just as sinister and sleek as you would expect. Slayer frontman Tom Araya enthused on the Slayer Facebook page: "My brother, my friends and I used to ride bikes in the early '70s. We built a figure-eight track with ramps in my backyard where we would race and crash into each other. It was a precursor to BMX. We would go around the neighborhood to collect bikes that people had thrown away to salvage them, so it's cool to see Subrosa building a line of Slayer bikes."

The Cradle to Grave bikes are available for preorder, but will be officially released in October.