A Florida woman was attacked by someone's pet lemur outside of her home


  • Photo via Charlotte Bromley/Flickr
Floridians have long history of not being able to keep track of their exotic pets. Anyone remember that King Cobra that got loose last summer? That was fun. 

On Monday, July 18, Miami resident Victoria Valledor heard scratching noises at her front door and when she opened it a lemur jumped on her, according to CBS Miami

Valledor suffered scratches and bite marks from the attack and went to the hospital for stitches. 

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation and Miami-Dade Fire Rescue went to her house and were able to capture the lemur without sedation.

The fact that that lemur was able to be captured without sedation, suggests the animal has been around humans and was probably someone's pet, said an FWC spokesman. 

Authorities are currently seeking the animal's owner. 

Lemurs aren't native to Florida and there are only about five people who have captive wildlife licenses in the area, according to ABC News.