Street artists Luce Sky and Heps Fury battle it out on the walls of Pho Hoa tonight


From the walls at Pho Hoa to the downtown Orange County Tax Collector's Office, artists Luce Sky and Heps Fury have collaborated on iconic graffiti pieces in Orlando to remember the 49 victims and to remind everyone in the most colorful way possible to stay united. This just makes it all the more exciting when you learn these two talents plan to battle to see who can create the best Salvador DalĂ­-themed mural on the walls of Pho Hoa. Both artists will have 48 hours to complete the mural starting on Monday, June 18, and then you get to vote on the best one when they're done at 9 p.m. on Wednesday. Fellow artists Danny Rock, German Lemus, Chaya Av Remer, Joe Starkweather and Phelo Alonso will also be painting live. There's cash on the line, so go vote in person to make sure your vote counts.

8-11 p.m. Wednesday, July 20 | Pho Hoa, 649 N. Primrose Drive |407-895-6098 | | free