Gainesville's Exit Dust resurrect the early goth punk sound of the '80s at the Space Station


Gainesville trio Exit Dust (featuring members of Rubbish and Vermin) distinguish themselves in the crowded Florida punk/hardcore field by introducing healthy doses of eldritch, melancholy, gothic atmospherics into their otherwise ferocious punk charge, with nods to early Christian Death and the Super Heroines looming large. For the record collectors out there, there is some sonic commonality with the darker "peace punk" bands of the '80s – including Rubella Ballet, the Mob and Part 1 – but equal affinity to early LA death rock circa the Hell Comes to Your House compilation. Guitarist Daniel Halal's riffs are a wonder, hearkening back to the glory days of Rikk Agnew's reverb-drenched shards of glass, deceptively simple but really an intricate latticework holding the songs together. Over the course of two demos, their songwriting and playing has progressed leaps and bounds, making them one of the best-kept secrets of the current goth-punk vanguard. Live, the sound is more immediate and urgent, so don't miss it. Sleep in the grave.

with Antifaces, Ruleta Rusa | 8 p.m. Friday, July 22 | The Space Station, 2539 Coolidge Ave. | | $5-$7