The new coconut-milk iced mocha macchiato is your next Starbucks order


You thought ordering your espresso drink with whole milk was indulgent? This new inclusion to the Starbucks menu makes full-fat dairy look foolish. 

With freakishly creamy single-origin Sumatran coconut milk, espresso, caramel and white chocolate mocha syrup, it's about as sweet as it gets without feeling like you're pouring a melted Mounds can bar down your throat. Actually, that's exactly what it feels like. For a little secret-menu action, add a pump or two of almond or hazelnut syrup for an Almond Joy-like treat.

Two other awesome things about this brisk bev: It's vegan*, so no need to sub soy or anything else for those of you who abstain from animal products, and it'll be available through the end of the summer, unlike other limited-release menu items that only stuck around for a couple of weeks. (I still miss you, Holiday Spice Flat White.) 

*Strict vegans many want to confirm at the counter that the caramel and white mocha syrups contain no milk. Starbucks' caramel syrup doesn't, but its caramel sauce does, so ... trust but verify.