Kissimmee is the worst city to live in Florida, according to site


Some Florida cities are worse than others, but this site claims to have a definitive list of the top 10 worst cities in the Sunshine State, settling the debate once and for all. 

HomeSnack, a site that compiles data to create "regional infotainment," released a video showing the 10 worst places to live in Florida.

Some of the Central Florida highlights include Holly Hill, Daytona Beach and Palatka.

However, Kissimmee has the ignominious award of being number one on the list, making it the worst place to call home in Florida. The video cites a lack of affordable housing along with crime-ridden hotels and motels. 

While some of the spots HomeSnack picked seem fishy, their video states they used basic indicators of poor living areas like the amount of crime, the unemployment rate, income levels, and even how much is spent on public schooling.