The British government issues Florida travel warning over Zika virus


  • Photo via turkletom/Flickr
Due to the Zika virus, British health officials are warning its citizens about traveling to Florida. 

The warning, which mostly focuses on pregnant women, was posted to Travel Health Pro, a website run by the UK government's National Travel Health Network & Center.

From Travel Health Pro:  
The risk in Florida is considered moderate based on the number and spread of cases and their demonstrated ability to implement effective control measures for similar diseases such as dengue – a virus transmitted by the same mosquito. Pregnant women should consider postponing non-essential travel to affected areas until after the pregnancy. At present, only a zone of about 1 square mile in Miami-Dade County is considered at risk of active transmission. 

The notice comes after Florida officials confirmed four non-travel-related local cases of Zika. The cases were most likely transmitted by a mosquito bite in an area north of downtown Miami. 

The official warning also tells tourists to refrain from unprotected sex due to a number of Zika cases that were transferred sexually.