Sneaky felines headline the District at Mills 50's new art show, 'Peeping Tom Cats'


  • Erin Colleen
Look, there’s a barrel of Golden Retriever puppies behind you! OK, cat people, now that we’ve distracted the dog lovers, we can talk about the latest quest for local kitty domination at the Peeping Tom Cats exhibition this weekend in the Mills 50 district. Artist Erin Colleen promises “a fairly ferocious, fantastically feline” reception in what used to be the coffee shop Propagation but is now the District at Mills 50. Colleen’s collection of tabbies, Persians and Russian blues remind us cats have spirits of their own, and we might as well follow their furry orders. 

7 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 6 | The District at Mills 50, 1221 N. Mills Ave. | | free