Orlando residents are seeing more political ads than anywhere else in the country


  • Photo via Wikimedia Commons
Do you live in Central Florida? Do you watch TV? Do you pay for cable? Are you more inclined towards one candidate over an other after seeing a barrage of attack ads all day, every day?  

If you answered yes to every single one of those questions, then you're the reason the I-4 Corridor currently ranks the highest in the country for campaign ad spending. 

A total of $8.1 million has already been spent this year in the Orlando-Daytona Beach-Melbourne TV market, reports NBC News. Just chalk it up as one of  the "luxuries" of being in a swing state.

This makes us the flushest market in the U.S., besting the second place Tampa-St. Pete-Sarasota market with $7.6 million worth of political ads, and Ohio's Cleveland-Akron market with a mere $6.2 million. 

Sucks for those guys.