Serious question: What does Orlando really smell like?


If you had to describe Orlando in just one smell, what would it be? Take a deep whiff. What are you pickin' up right now? Weed? Sun screen? Wet towels? All three? 

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, Orlando has some pretty unique smells. It's a cornucopia of sniffs, and depending on exactly where you are, different areas obviously have different smells.

But what is Orlando's overall smell? 

To get to the bottom of this, we looked at Twitter posts going back three years to find out what people think Orlando smells like, which was incredibly easy to do since everyone here has very strong opinions on this topic. 

The theme parks seem to be a toss up between sunscreen and body odor: 
Interestingly, the city of Orlando has a wide, diverse palate of food-related smells:  
Some people are picking up some very specific smells: 
Many people think Orlando smells like farts: 
Oddly, some people think Orlando smells like a sneeze: 
And, finally, the airport is its own world of sniffs: 
I guess we'll never agree.