Popcorn in a Pickle is the best snack at Trader Joe's and here's why


  • @chefhollywog via Instagram
Ever since I was a kid, pickles have been my snack of choice. Pickle juice — drink of choice (as an adult, picklebacks, plz). I've been known to finish off a jar in one sitting (Netflix and dill, anyone?) and have very particular tastes when it comes to the sour spears: Bread and butter, no. Garlic chips, yes. Half-sours, come on now. Pickle-in-a-Pouch, pass it on over here.

When I discovered the pickle-flavored popcorn at Trader Joe's, I was intrigued. I was ravenous on the drive home from Winter Park to SoDo, so I busted open that bag and hit the road. Twenty minutes later, half the bag was gone. It's the crunchy, puffy popcorn and the bite of the dill and citric acid (what gives the popcorn its tang) that's beyond addictive for those of us who crave those briny cukes. 

Eater recently named pickle-flavored potato chips (12 major brands produce the flavor now) "the new salt and vinegar" flavor and I wholly agree, only about TJ's popcorn flavor. I equally love salt-and-vinegar-flavored things and the popcorn has the same must-eat-mouthful-after-mouthful qualities as those crunchy, acidic chips.

If you can relate, head to Trader Joe's right this cucumber-picking second and get a bag. Open it in the car. Let the vinegar-and-dill aroma fill the cabin. Dive in. Bet you'll finish the bag before you hit the driveway. 

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