Planet Hollywood to ride the bus to Flavortown with Guy Fieri-created menu


I suppose it was inevitable, but the chef many folks love to hate – Guy Fieri – is entering Orlando's dining scene.

The polarizing schlock-jock of cookery is developing a burger and sandwich menu for the seemingly new and improved Planet Hollywood, now called Planet Hollywood Observatory at Disney Springs.
Planet Hollywood Observatory
  • Planet Hollywood Observatory

On why the restaurant approached the platinum-tressed celeb chef, Planet Hollywood founder and chairman Robert Earl said in a statement that he "has created an impressive culinary empire and built and incredible TV following … so it was a no-brainer."

No-brainer, indeed.

One of Fieri's creations for the new Planet Hollywood menu – the "Prime Time American Kobe-inspired Burger" – warrants closer scrutiny. It's not Kobe beef, we got that (it'd be way too rich and way too expensive if it was), but "American Kobe-inspired"?

Oh, Guy … always keeping us guessing.

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