Activate Us sets out to get the Milk District pumped about politics this weekend


Midnight Inspector
  • Midnight Inspector
With the presidential election cycle dominated by criticisms of Hillary Clinton and the dumb, dumb shit that spills out of Donald Trump's mouth, you may be tempted to just ignore the election completely and steer clear of the polls. But then there are the downticket races. From senators to school board members to county council seats, a whole lot of important decisions have to be made in November, and sitting the election out just because you can't stand the dummies who get all the attention isn't an option. In that spirit, Activate Us, a new local political group dedicated to increasing political engagement, throws its launch party tonight in the Milk District by inviting local politicians running for office to party with the hoi polloi. The idea is to get the chance to share a beer with a councilwoman or dance with someone running for state representative while the night is soundtracked by the likes of Mr. 3, Native Feel, Tommy Mot and more. While there's no word on which pols are confirmed to attend, it's still a great attempt to put the "lit" back in "politics." 

with Harryson Thevenin, Free the People, Native Feel, Maximino, Midnight Inspector, Holy Human, Tommy Mot, Mr. 3 | 10 p.m. Saturday, Aug. 20 | The Milk District Pavilion, 2432 E. Robinson St. | | $5-$7