Mysterious locals Auto Chlor resurface for an off-kilter show at Uncle Lou's


  • Alisha Erao
Tracing back the roots of musical margin dwellers can yield interesting results. For instance, we weren't aware that a distant ancestor of dreamwave gliders Moon Jelly was mysterious noise scrapers Auto Chlor. An exceedingly loose and shadowy collective of Florida experimentalists and performance artists, Auto Chlor specialized in off-kilter and lo-fi sound collages and stage outfits that were every bit as disturbing as they were DIY. Like most Florida noise groups, they existed for a brief period both live and on record, were woefully underdocumented and then disappeared ... until a recent live reunion at Will's and some cassette reissues via Illuminated Paths brought them out from the swamps. We're recommending this reunion, even though they made liars out of us about their last show out Will's being a one-time thing. But who's counting? 

with Maximino, White Sands, Fleetwood Snack | 8 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 23 | Uncle Lou's Entertainment Hall, 1016 N. Mills Ave. | 407-898-0009 | $5