Carefree alligator strolls through Florida man's yard



A video posted by Randy Spencer (@spence1097) on

A carefree gator nonchalantly strolled through a Land O' Lakes resident's yard this week. 

Randy Spencer posted the video to his Instagram showing the monster reptile ducking between shrubs and houses, making its way into a neighbor's backyard. 

Spencer told USA Today the video was taken from his driveway during a routine mailbox visit, but we're gonna go ahead and assume he's trying his hand at putting Central Florida horror back on the map post-Blair Witch.

"If you live in Florida you are bound to see gators," Spencer said to USA Today. "But many are smaller and they are almost always near the waters edge during the day, but not this guy."

No trappers were called and the gator strolled along, reports Fox 13