Video shows Donald Trump's rally in Tampa was definitely not 'yuge'


Last night, Donald Trump held a rally in Tampa, Florida, to a crowd size that was less than average, some would even say tiny, in fact. 

This is a telling sign, considering the Republican candidate, who has long boasted that his crowds are "yuge," needs to absolutely win the battleground state of Florida.

According to the most recent polls, Trump isn't doing too hot in the Sunshine State. At the moment, Nate Silver's FiveThirtyEight shows only a 24.9% chance of Trump winning Florida, with Hillary Clinton showing a blistering 75%. 

And while both sides love to claim they have the biggest crowds, it's worth noting that this clip was shot during Trump's speech, rather than before or after when crowds are typically smaller.  

Watch the video with sound.

The best part of this video is when Trump says the crowd "set a record," that the room is packed from corner to corner (which, it's clearly not), and then the clip pans to a random guy sipping a Coke who looks around like "Whaaa?"   

Yeah. Settin' yuge records.