Just a reminder to go vote in the Florida primaries tomorrow


It’s time to take your Facebook debates and meme battles off social media and into the nearest voting booth. In Tuesday's Florida’s primary, you’ll get to choose your favorite candidates to move on to the next stage of voting in November.

Remember, this state has closed primaries, which means independents and voters without a party affiliation won’t be able to vote in partisan races, like the U.S. Senate race, but can vote for Orange County commissioners.

No matter how much you beg a poll worker that you really need to be a Democrat or a Republican today, they can’t do much for you; registration for the primaries closed Aug. 1. A tip if you’ve got the rest of voting covered: Verify your voting location on the Orange County Supervisor of Elections website. These polling places can change, and you don’t want to be the person driving to three different spots because you didn’t check online.