Exotic Pet Amnesty Day allows people to turn in animals, no questions asked


  • Photo via Florida Fish and Wildlife/Flickr
The Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission is holding an Exotic Pet Amnesty Day to allow people to surrender their exotic pets, legal or illegal, with no cost or penalty. 

The event is from 10 a.m.-2 p.m. Saturday, Sept. 3, at the Brevard Zoo, and is free to attend. After 2 p.m., animals cleared by a veterinarian will be available to adopt by those who have been approved by the FWC. Those interested in adopting have to apply on their site. 

The FWC will be accepting native and non-native species of mammals, birds, reptiles and more. Domestic animals like dogs will not be accepted.  

If you are not looking to surrender or adopt animals, you can still attend. The FWC will have live animals on display and information about responsible pet ownership.  

The event was started in order to combat Florida's invasive species problem, caused by pet owners releasing non-native species into the wild.