Florida woman hopes to break Guinness World Record for longest tongue


A 20-year-old Florida woman claiming to have the world's longest tongue is hoping to break the Guinness World record. 

Gerkary Blequett, of Ocala, Florida, has gained a healthy social media stemming from her endowment, so much so she's now getting recognized. She tells Barcroft Media, who measured her tongue in at 4.5 inches, that she learned of the gift when her friends dared her to lick her eye.

Not all of the attention is positive. Blequett adds, “I don’t like he fact that some men think because I’m posting long tongue pictures they can talk to me in a sexual way."

“People’s reactions are different,” she told Barcroft. “Some people react like, ‘That’s nasty,’ some people react like, ‘Whoa, I wanna see it again,’ and some people just get scared.”

The current Guinness World Record holder for the longest tongue is Nick Stoeberl, who measures in at 3.97 inches.

Gene Simmons tongue has been reported by a couple of outlets as measuring in at 7 inches, which leaves us wondering, among other things, where do you measure from?