Rejoice, Stranger Things fans, for Barb herself graces us with her presence at Spooky Empire


Even though the backlash against fan-favorite Stranger Things character Barb has begun, fueled by poop-merchants like VICE and Buzzfeed, Spooky Empire announced today that Shannon Purser, the actress who plays the symbol of all that is right and good in Netflix's runaway hit of the summer, is scheduled to make three days of appearances at the convention, from Friday-Sunday, Oct. 7-9. Purser is joined by fellow Stranger Things breakout star Millie Bobby Brown (Eleven), who appears Saturday-Sunday, Oct. 8-9. While we recognize that Shannon Purser is real and Barb is technically a character she plays, we're still hopeful that Purser will be able to give us good, level-headed advice about fashion and boys. We promise to listen this time, Barb! Promise.

Spoilers below: