NPR veteran Garrison Keillor gives hope to English majors at Rollins College


Ah, the Midwest. The hot dogs of yore, the farmers of yesteryear, the vast plains of ... plain. It's hard to make America's breadbasket sound like it isn't full of stale crackers, but NPR veteran and Peabody award-winning humorist Garrison Keillor did it for 40 years with his radio show A Prairie Home Companion. A veritable mascot for the region, Keillor's known for his loping verbal style and appreciation for a simpler time, and he's bringing the glory of North America's cornfields to Rollins College with his one-man show. A self-described "flatlander," Keillor finds beauty in the little moments in a Midwestern life: the tree branches covered in icicle exoskeletons after a cold snap, the gentle "achoo, achoo" echoing through the air as pollen floats in the spring breeze, the shuddering "pop" of an ACL as you slip on a patch of black ice and crash to the sidewalk – OK, maybe that last one was a little specific to us. Maybe we're a little bitter about incurring a major athletic injury on a minor walk to our car. But Keillor's narratives are convincing arguments for appreciating the charm of a simpler time in a quieter place. Ah, the Midwest.

6:30 p.m. Tuesday, Sept. 13 | Warden Arena, Rollins College, 1000 Holt Ave., Winter Park | 407-646-2145 | | $15-$30