17-year-old cheerleader could be suspended for moving a beer cup


  • Photo via baybair/Instagram
A 17-year-old Jacksonville cheerleader is facing possible suspension from high school for moving a beer cup at a Jacksonville Jaguars home game tailgate. 

According to News4Jax, the teen was observed moving a cup on a beer pong table by an agent of the Florida Division of Alcoholic Beverages and Tobacco.

The agent approached her and said she could admit to being guilty of possession of alcohol by signing a citation, or spend 72 hours in jail.

According to the family's lawyer, she signed the citation under duress. 

Her school was then alerted, and they are currently considering kicking her off the cheer squad, of which she's the captain, and possibly suspending her. 

Just for being observed touching the cup, not actually drinking alcohol, she will either have to go to teen court or face being fully charged with underage alcohol possession. 

Under Florida law, a person under 21 who is charged with alcohol possession can be forced to pay a fine of $500 and be sentenced to up to 60 days in jail.