Rapper Mykki Blanco teases Orlando show in live chat


  • Photo via Mykki Blanco/Facebook
During an impromptu Facebook live chat from France earlier today, rising hip-hop star Mykki Blanco was asked whether he would consider playing Orlando, and his answer was very much in the affirmative. 

I would totally do an Orlando, Florida, show. ... In the wake of what happened, that fucking awful ... yeah, we all know what happened.

Bookers and promoters, your way is clear. Blanco is poised to break into the mainstream with his debut album Mykki, released on !K7 Records a few days ago. Blanco, an MC/performance artist who identifies as transgender, emerged from NYC's art scene, but quickly demonstrated vicious rapping chops and songwriting savvy right out of the gate, especially on the stunning Gay Dog Food mixtape.

Blanco has collaborated with artists ranging from Kathleen Hanna to Cakes Da Killa, and toured the world, honing a style and persona that is pretty unique within hip-hop and even the wider pop culture landscape.

Watch the video of the chat below. The Orlando question/answer comes in at around the 5:45 mark.