Tropical Storm Matthew gains strength, heads toward Florida


  • Photo via National Hurricane Center
The National Hurricane Center is predicting that Tropical Storm Matthew could strengthen into a hurricane as early as Friday at 2 a.m.  

Currently in the Caribbean, the storm has sustained winds of 70 mph. At 74 mph it is classified as a hurricane. The storm is predicted to reach sustained winds of 100 mph before it hits Cuba, which would bump it up to a category 2

The current cone has the potential hurricane traveling east of Florida, but it is still too early to know the exact path it will take. However, even places not in the direct path of a hurricane can experience heavy rain from outer bands, like Orlando did with Tropical Storm Hermine.

The National Weather Service says you should prepare for a hurricane earlier as opposed to later. They recommend stocking up on supplies like flashlights and water, reviewing your homeowners insurance policy, and having a family emergency plan in place if a hurricane is heading your way.