Local media outlets mistakenly think Florida cop sent a 'Sorry I tased you' cake


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If you happen to be following these local news outlets, then you might have seen a story today about a cop sending a "Sorry I tased you" cake to a Florida woman.

Officer Michael Wohler used a Taser on Stephanie Byron of Pensacola in mid-2015, after the two fought over a bottle of sweet tea.

Byron filed a lawsuit against Wohler for violating her constitutional rights later that year. A story then began circulating on the internet that the officer sent a picture to Byron of a cake he baked with "Sorry I tased you" in blue icing.

If anything, this story did well to further prove that Florida is batshit crazy. But of course, the plot thickens: Buzzfeed news editor Jon Passantino was quick to point out that the picture of the cake was actually posted to Imgur in 2014 — a full year before the incident. More like buzzkill, huh?