Orlando woman's photo found in missing persons shrine in New York


  • Photo via James Tiberius Rankin/ Facebook
A man hiking in New York got a healthy dose of WTF when he stumbled on a missing persons shrine that included a flier of a woman who disappeared from Orlando.

According to USA Today, James Tiberius Rankin of Long Island was walking through the woods in Berkeley Jackson County Park last week when he found himself surrounded by fliers seeking info on missing people.

Jennifer Kesse was 24 at the time of her disappearance on Jan. 24, 2004, from Orlando. Kesse is still listed as missing and remains on the FBI's Most Wanted/Missing List.

According to Huntington Patch, Suffolk County Police said they received a complaint from Rankin of a suspicious finding at Berkeley Jackson County Park on Monday, Oct. 3.

The day after his report, Rankin posted an update on his Facebook page that police had spoken to a nearby homeowner who said the fliers were set up for a Halloween party.

Police said the situation is active but they have no further updates.

Rankin filmed his creepy, straight-out-of-a-horror-movie experience, which has since gone viral. 'Tis the season for stranger things, it seems.