Jeopardy had a Florida Man category and it went exactly as expected


  • Photo via thehauntedmattress/ reddit
Floridians can now test their knowledge of the favorite pop culture whipping boy known as @_FloridaMan after an entire round of questions on Jeopardy! was devoted to the Sunshine State’s bizarre news.

The questions in this category were derived straight from the @_FloridaMan Twitter account and featured some of Florida's most embarrassing moments. Remember the gator-tossing into a Wendy's drive-through?  

Both Alex Trebek and the contestants can be seen in the video not bothering to hold back their laughter while quickly going through the category.

Not all the Jeopardy! contestants were able to answer the questions correctly. Even Florida Man himself says he only got two, but we think our readers would have cleaned up in this category.